“El Partido Mas Inclusivo del Mundo” Limited Edition

Warm Up Worn & Signed Shirt

Fekir Nabil

Did you Know?

This shirt was worn by Nabil Fekir during the warm up of the LaLiga game between Real Betis and Real Valladolid which took place in Sevilla, “Benito VillamarínStadium, on February 18th 2023. Real Betis defeated Real Valladolid 2-1. This is a very special shirt released by Real Betis to celebrate the “Partido Mas Inclusivo del Mundo” an event organized by the Club together with “Integrated Dreams” and “World Football Summit” to run various initiatives during Real Betis vs Real Valladolid in order to highlight and show that everybody can enjoy a football match. Football can be an amplifier for many things, including promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities. In this way, Real Betis were at the centre of an important moment in the history of sport and football, thanks to the club’s campaign to bring the largest ever number of people with functional diversity to a football stadium for the same event. Thanks to the support of “Integrated Dreams” and “World Football Summit”, who also collaborated in this project, Los Verdiblancos were able to host the most inclusive match ever, setting a record that will guide the way forward for the future. A total of 1,740 fans with functional diversity attended the game at the Estadio Benito Villamarín, which is the new world record as it surpassed the 1,078 who attended the stadium of Polish side Śląsk Wrocław in 2018. Over the season, Real Betis wanted to go to the next level and to promote this match on a more worldwide scale. To help the club with this, both “Integrated Dreams” and “World Football Summit” helped to spread the word and organize the various actions. Not only did they help with the inclusive activities held in the vicinity of the stadium before the match for the elderly, youngsters and children, but these organizations also provided support with a number of initiatives, such as one in which the Real Betis players who walked out on to the pitch wore shirts with the names and numbers in braille. In addition, the bibs used during the warm-up were printed with the ColorADD code, which represents the different shades of colours with symbols so that they can be identified by colour-blind people. As well as that, the players were accompanied by children with functional diversity, something Real Betis organise every year for their ‘Disability Match’.At half-time of the game, some players from the Flamencos Amputados Sur CF team. An Andalusian football team made up of amputees – took part in an activity on the pitch. Another special moment of the match came when the anthem was interpreted in sign language from various different parts of the pitch. In May 2022, Real Betis had 1,233 season ticket holders with functional diversity and 52 in wheelchairs and, thanks to the club’s social commitment and the work of the Disability Department, this number continues to grow. The club stated: “We currently have 1,318 season ticket holders with functional diversity and 54 in wheelchairs. They tell us that they’re delighted with the actions we carry out with the most inclusive match and that they’re proud that the name of Real Betis is being mentioned around the world in the context of the club’s work to improve the experience of people with disabilities.” Even with all this progress, Real Betis don’t want to rest on their laurels. As they will keep working towards full inclusion. The club said: “We still have a long way to go to achieve full inclusion of fans on matchdays. We are working on it.” Watch the “Partido Mas Inclusivo del Mundo” report below.

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