Rabiot Adrien

Match Issued Boots

Juventus F.C.

Did you Know?

A tall, strong, and elegant left-footed midfielder, who combines good technique with impressive physical qualities, Rabiot was regarded as a promising player in his youth. He is known for being mobile, hard-working, quick in possession, and for his ability to make late attacking runs off the ball into the penalty box, courtesy of his intelligent movement; he is also a composed passer, who possesses good link-up play and dribbling skills in close spaces, which enables him to create chances for teammates. A modern, well-rounded, and versatile player, with good defensive skills, he is also known for being capable of playing in several different midfield positions, including in a deep, creative holding role as a number 6 in front of the defence (which is not his favoured role, however), on the right flank, and even as an advanced midfield playmaker, although he usually plays as a left–sided offensive-minded central midfielder, known as the mezzala role in Italian football jargon, which is his preferred position. Despite his talent and ability, however, he has come under criticism in the media over his behaviour off the pitch, and has also been accused in the media of lacking professionalism, as well as having a poor attitude and a difficult character, which has led him to have conflicts with several of his managers.

Things to Know:

These boots were issued for Adrien Rabiot for the season 2020/2021. They are the famous Adidas “Copa Sense 2021” football boots that were launched in February 2021 when Rabiot had already changed his sponsor from Adidas to Nike. So these boots were made especially for him and delivered to him by Adidas but they were never used because at that time Rabiot was already wearing Nike boots.