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The Oman Football Association is the governing body of football in Oman. It was founded in 1978, has been a member of the Asian Football Confederation and of FIFA since 1980. The first football club of the Sultanate (documented as such) was the Maqboul Club, founded in 1942, known today as the Oman Club. In the 1970s, Qaboos bin Said al Said favored the development of sports events and associations, which led in 1978 to the creation of the Omani Football Association with Sayyid / Haitham bin Tariq Al Said (Minister of National Heritage and Culture and in 2020, the successor to Qaboos as Sultan) as its first president. In its first year of operations, the Association became a member of the Union of Arab Football Associations and of the FIFA, and then joined the Asian Football Federation in 1980. In the 1996 and 2000 AFC U-17 Championship, they became champions of Asia and representing Asia in the 1995 FIFA U-17 World Championship held in Ecuador, with a fourth-place finish. In the same tournament Mohamed Al Kathiri was awarded the golden ball, scoring most individual goals. The senior team reached the Asian Cup, China 2004 final rounds. In 2007 they reached the Asian Cup once again up until the group stages. In the Gulf Cup, they reached the final twice, only to lose to Qatar and later, UAE; before winning it as hosts in 2009. In November 2017, the OFA was chosen to organize the FIFA Executive Football Summit scheduled for February 2018.