Did you know Steve Harris had a promising career as a professional soccer player during his youth? Fortunately, he kept his bass strapped to his side and pursued Iron Maiden instead and it’s safe to say there’s probably not much regret there. Maiden’s (and especially Harris’) love of soccer is well-known and they are usual the day off before performing to take themselves to the field for a pickup soccer match.

Harris and the rest of Maiden’s team during their tours around the world, don their one-of-a-kind jerseys specifically designed on Iron Maiden style with their iconic Eddie on chest together with the team’s name “MAIDEN”. Yes because Maiden F.C. is a true team, with real games played around the world. The team played four matches just in his last “Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018” and more than 30 other games were completed in the previous tours.  So Maiden F.C. is considered the official football team of the band, formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975. Most of the band’s members are also huge football fans and some of them are also good footballers. Steve Harris, band’s bass player, is a big football lover and definitely the best player of the band. He had a promising career as a professional soccer player during his youth. The F.C.Maiden, comprised of Harris and some of Maiden’s crew, is usual to play during band’s days off and they play around the world where the band set their concert. Since the team’s debut in early 90’s the team played with different styles of jerseys. But all of them had Eddie and Maiden right to the chest. The team had different shirt’s suppliers including Adidas and Kelly. Iron Maiden members are not the only rock band members to love and play football while on tour. F.C.Maiden notched a rousing win against Sepultura in 2008, handily defeated the Brazilian act by a score of 7-2 according to guitarist Andreas Kisser. Three years earlier, Maiden lost a match against members of Satyricon and Turbonegro as they were outscored 8-1.  If you missed Maiden F.C. games in the previous tours and you live in US-Canada or South America, you will have another opportunity next summer while their upcoming “Legacy of the Beast Tour 2019” will be on stage. But don’t forget: they usually play the day before the concert and…they never tell when and where their games take place. Good lick guys.  

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