The “ WARRANTY of DIECI” is the leading authentication service for professional football memorabilia. Our team of experts from all over the world deeply check the details and differences that make collectibles different from regular shop’s items or replica’s items and certify them as 100% genuine. Once an item is deemed genuine, it is marked as guaranteed and the “WARRANTY of DIECI” is released containing topic photos of the item and specific details on the analysis will accompany it. Once the WOD (“Warrenty of Dieci”) is released it will be numbered and sent to the proper collector who requested it. He can also require to keep the authentication public on Dieci’s website in order to let other collectors knowing whom the collectible belongs to. In this case any interested party can verify authenticity online even as items change hands time after time.

When an item is not original the WOD can’t be issued. In this case there are no costs unless previously specified.

An important note is that in some circumstances the WOD can’t be supplied because it can occur that our team is not able to recognize and certify a particular item. In those circumstances it doesn’t mean that the item is not original. It means that our team can’t certify the item as 100% authentic so we rather prefer to decline the request.