Crespo Hernan

Match Worn Boots

Chelsea F.C.

Did you Know?

These boots were worn by Hernan Crespo during the end of the season 2003/2004 with Chelsea F.C. These boots are completely custom made for the player and completely different from shop’s ones. The upper is completely leather made while the regular retail ones had a fabric upper with only few leather details. Also the sole was customized for the player cutting the regular firm ground studs replaced with screwed soft ground metal studs. Crespo was a fast, tenacious, powerful, and complete striker, who possessed good technique, composure in possession, and an eye for goal; he also excelled in the air. A prolific and opportunistic goal-scorer, he was capable of finishing well both with his feet and with his head, and was known for his ability to score acrobatic goals. He was also effective off the ball due to his work-rate, tactical intelligence, and attacking movement, which he often used to provide depth for his team or create space for his teammates; he was also capable of linking up well with other forwards. Due to his goalscoring ability and wide range of skills, he is regarded as one of the best strikers of his generation, and as one of Serie A’s best ever foreign players. Despite his ability, he faced several injuries throughout his career, which limited his playing time at times.